Save Time

Firewall Builder was designed to make managing firewalls easier and more efficient. Features like shared objects, drag-and-drop GUI, and search and replace are all designed to let users focus on determining what traffic their firewall policies should allow or deny instead of typing commands.

Support More Platforms

Command line syntax for firewalls can be complex and hard to remember. Compound that with the fact that there can be subtle syntax changes between versions of the same device and even simple changes can take a long time. Rather than having to constantly search for the right command Firewall Builder gives users an easy way to create even the most complex firewall rules using user defined GUI objects.

Make Changes Once

Because Firewall Builder is based on user defined objects that can be reused in multiple firewall policies, making changes is easy. Need to update a server's IP address? Just modify the object and re-compile the policies for firewalls that use that object.

Reduce Errors

Firewall Builder's integrated rules analysis and syntax checking help you avoid costly mistakes. The compiler generates rules with the right command syntax every time. There are also built-in safeguards to help avoid common mistakes like updating a firewall rule and locking yourself out of a device.

Avoid Vendor Lock-in

Device neutral firewall policies make it easy to switch firewall devices. Rules can be copied from one device to another and Firewall Builder will automatically adjust as needed based on the capabilities of the new device. Going from a device that doesn't support groups natively to one that does? Firewall Builder will automatically detect this change and adjust the compiled rules appropriately.

Upgrade with Confidence

New versions of firewall software usually mean new features and new command syntax to learn. Firewall Builder takes the pain out of upgrades by enabling users to generate rules for the new device version from the existing firewall rules without having to make any changes.

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