Screenshot 1. Main Window
Screenshot 2. Firewall Rules Close-Up
Screenshot 3. Object Tree Close-Up Screenshot 4. Editing IP Address Range Object
Screenshot 5. Using 'Where Used' to find all object references

Screenshot Library

GUI with two data files opened at the same time Linux Mac OS X
Example of firewall policy Linux/Windows Mac OS X
An example of the NAT rules Linux/Windows Mac OS X
Firewall options for the iptables firewall Linux/Windows  
Editing IP address of the interface of the firewall Linux/Windows Mac OS X
Editing UDP service object Linux/Windows  
Editing TCP service object Linux/Windows Mac OS X
Methods for object discovery Linux/Windows  
Interactive druid can build policy for a few typical network configurations Linux/Windows  
Compiling multiple firewalls in one batch. Linux/Windows Mac OS X
Opening data file that has been added to RCS. Linux/Windows Mac OS X

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