2.6. Compiling from Source

Firewall Builder can be compiled and works on the following OS and distributions: Debian Linux (including Ubuntu), Mandrake Linux, RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux, Gentoo Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, and Solaris.

To compile from source, first download the dependencies for your platform:

For RedHat-based systems:

  • automake

  • autoconf

  • libtool

  • libxml2-devel

  • libxslt-devel

  • net-snmp-devel

  • qt

  • qt-devel

  • qt-x11

You may need to install the packages elfutils-libelf and elfutils-libelf-devel (libelf on SuSE), otherwise libfwbuilder does not pick up the net-snmp library even if it is installed.

For Debian-based systems:

  • automake

  • autoconf

  • libtool

  • libxml2-dev

  • libxslt-dev

  • libsnmp-dev

  • libqt4-core

  • libqt4-dev

  • libqt4-gui

  • qt4-dev-tools

Next, download the source archives from SourceForge, for example fwbuilder-, and unpack them to a location. Then build as follows:

cd /fwbuilder-<version_number>
make install

Compilation may require other packages for RedHat and SuSE

If you observe errors that refer to missing autoconf macros while running autogen.sh for fwbuilder, check to ensure your system includes RPM gettext-devel. You may need to add other "development" RPMs besides these, but these two are often forgotten.

The configure scripts for fwbuilder tries to find your QT4 installation in several standard places. However, if you installed QT in a directory where the script is unable to find it, you can provide the path to it using the --with-qtdir option to script autogen.sh, as in the following example:

cd /fwbuilder-<version_number>
./autogen.sh --with-qtdir=/opt/qt4
make install

By default, script configure assumes prefix="/usr/local" and installs libraries in /usr/local/lib and binaries in /usr/local/bin. Make sure /usr/local/lib is added to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable or to the /etc/ld.so.conf configuration file; otherwise the program will be unable to find dynamic libraries there. Likewise, /usr/local/bin must be included in your PATH.

You can install libraries and binaries in a different place by specifying a new prefix, as follows:

./autogen.sh --prefix="/opt"

This command installs libraries in /opt/lib and the program in /opt/bin.


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