4.3.4. Creating Objects

New objects can be created using the New Object menu, accessed by clicking this icon above the object tree:

Figure 4.21. Create Objects button

Create Objects button

Certain objects can also be created using a pop-up menu. Acccess this menu by right-clicking a parent object in the tree.

Figure 4.22. Creating Objects Using The Object Menu

Creating Objects Using The Object Menu

You can create all objects except physical address objects through the New Object menu. (Physical address objects can only be created by right-clicking an existing interface object.) You can also create objects by right-clicking a folder in a tree (though not in the read-only Standard tree). If you right-click a folder, you can only create objects appropriate to that folder. For example, an interface object can only be placed under a host or firewall object, so the Add Interface option is available only if you right-click a host or firewall.

Figure 4.23. Creating Objects by Right-Clicking

Creating Objects by Right-Clicking

Another way to create objects is to use the Duplicate option when you right-click an object. This allows you to create a copy of the object. For example, you may want to create a firewall policy for one platform, duplicate it, then just change the target platform on the copy. Note that copies are not linked in any way. A change to the original has no affect on the copy, and vice versa.


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