15.6.3. "Error checking file out:"

I cannot open my data file, I get error "Error checking file out:"

Such non-descriptive error message is usually caused by hard unrecoverable errors experienced by RCS tools. Unfortunately these tools not always report errors in the best way possible and when this happens, Firewall Builder GUI cannot provide any better di agnostics than it gets from the tool. Such poor diagnostics of errors happens more frequently on Windows than on other platforms.

Here are few things to check and try:

  • First of all, check file permissions. The data file (.fwb) should be read-only. RCS repository file (.fwb,v) should also be read-only. Repository file may be located in subdirectory RCS but that depends on the OS. It may be located in the same directory with corresponding data file (.fwb) as well.

  • Try to check the file out manually to see if you can get better diagnostics:

    If you use Windows, start MS DOS window and in it navigate to the folder where you keep your files, then execute the fo llowing command:

    c:\FWBuilder\co.exe -l filename.fwb

    If it checks the file out successfully, it just prints revision number and 'done'. Otherwise it will print some error.

    After you do that, you need to check the file in to RCS again. Do it like this:

    c:\FWBuilder\ci.exe -u filename.fwb

    Since the file hasn't changed, it should just check it in without asking you for the RCS log record. If you can success fully check it out and then check it in again from the command line, then the GUI should work too.

    On Linux, *BSD and Mac OS X the process is exactly the same, except for the path to the checkout and checkin commands:

    To check the file out use

    co -l filename.fwb

    To check the file in use

    ci -u filename.fwb

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