10.5.4. Using putty sessions on Windows

putty allows you to store a destination host name or address, user name and bunch of other parameters in a session so that they all can be called up at once. If you wish to use sessions, do the following:

  • Configure putty as usual, create and test a session for the firewall, test it using putty outside of Firewall Builder. When you use a session, the firewall host name and user name are stored in the session file. Firewall Builder allows you to enter the session name in the entry field in the firewall settings dialog where you would normally enter an alternative address of the firewall. A comment next to the entry field reminds you about this. Just type the session name in that field, leave the user name field blank and save the settings.

  • Once you start the installer, do not enter your user name in the "User name" field on the first page of installer wizard. You do, however, need to enter the login and enable passwords. Configure the rest of installer options as usual. They do not change when you use putty sessions.


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