12.3. DD-WRT

To use Firewall Builder with DD-WRT, configure the firewall object with host OS "DD-WRT (nvram)" or "DD-WRT (jffs)". These two settings define the activation method used by the built-in policy installer, it can either store generated script in nvram or in jffs (journaling flash file system).

12.3.1. DD-WRT (nvram)

In this mode generated script is shorter and does not support command-line arguments "start", "stop", "status". The script does not try to load iptables modules on the firewall but configures inetrface addresses, vlans, bridge ports and bonding interfaces. When you set host OS of the firewall object to "DD-WRT (nvram)", built-in policy installer saves the script in nvram variable "fwb" and configures nvram variable "rc_firewall" to run this script.

Generated script is assembled from parts defined in configlets located in directory /usr/share/fwbuilder-4.0.0/configlets/dd-wrt-nvram/. You can modify it following instructions in Chapter 13.


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