12.3.2. DD-WRT (jffs)

First of all, activate JFFS/JFFS2 (Journaling Flash File System) on the firewall. Instructions are provided in the DD-WRT wiki. Once jffs is mounted read-write, create directory "/jffs/firewall" where fwbuilder will store generated script. This is explained in this article in DD-WRT wiki.

When the firewall is configured with host OS "DD-WRT (jffs)", built-in policy installer copies generated script to the file "/jffs/firewall/firewall.fs" on the firewall and configures nvram variable "rc_firewall" to call this script. In the older versions of Firewall Builder you had to configure the program manually to do these steps per in DD-WRT wiki. Firewall Builder 4.0 implements this configuration out of the box.

The generated script is assembled from parts defined in configlets located in directory /usr/share/fwbuilder-4.0.0/configlets/dd-wrt-jffs/. You can modify it following instructions in Chapter 13.


Recent builds of DD-WRT (tested with v24 and v24SP1) seem to disable JFFS for some reason. If you plan to use the jffs method of installing firewall script, check if the version you run supports it.


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