5.2.17. Object Groups

Figure 5.89. Group of Objects

Group of Objects

The group of objects holds references to hosts, networks, address ranges, firewalls and other groups of addressable objects (Figure 5.89). Use the New Object / New Object Group option to create a new group. Objects can be added to the group using the following methods:

  • Using drag and drop:

    Objects can be dragged from the tree into the group dialog. Click, hold down the mouse button, and drag the object to add it to the group.

  • Using the popup menu:

    You can use copy and paste operations between the tree and group dialog. Right-clicking the object in the tree opens a pop-up menu. Choose Copy in this menu, then move the mouse to the group dialog and right-click in the icon field. This also opens a pop-up menu, where you choose Paste. This inserts a reference to the object in the group.

  • Using the Edit main menu:

    Select the object in the tree, select Edit/Copy Object from the menu bar, click the group dialog, and then select Edit/Paste Object from the menu bar.


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