15.4. Troubleshooting installing policy on the firewall

15.4.1. Plink.exe fails while trying to activate the firewall policy with an error 'Looking up host "" Connecting to port 22'

This only happens when Firewall Builder GUI runs on Windows and uses pscp.exe and plink.exe to transfer generated firewall script and activate it on the firewall machine. The utilities pscp.exe and plink.exe are part of the PuTTY package by Simon Tatham http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/.

The Firewall Builder GUI launches the plink.exe utility to log in to the firewall machine and activate firewall script there. It composes plink.exe command line using ip address of the firewall and adds command line option "-ssh" to force plink.exe to use ssh protocol. Plink.exe and GUI ssh client putty.exe share the same configuration stored in windows registry and if default settings configured in putty.exe set default protocol to "Serial" as shown in the screenshot below, plink.exe seems to ignore command line option "-ssh" and fails with an error 'Looking up host "" Connecting to port 22'. Just set the default protocol to "ssh" using the putty configuration dialog.

Figure 15.1. 


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