Chapter 15. Troubleshooting

15.1. Build Issues
15.1.1. Complains "libfwbuilder not installed"
15.1.2. "Failed dependencies: ..." when installing RPM
15.2. Program Startup Issues
15.2.1. "fwbuilder: cannot connect to X server localhost:0.0"
15.2.2. "fwbuilder: error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared object file: no such file or directory."
15.2.3. "fwbuilder: error while loading shared libraries: /usr/local/lib/ cannot restore segment prot after re loc: Permission denied"
15.3. Firewall Compiler and Other Runtime Issues
15.3.1. Firewall Builder Crashes
15.3.2. Older Data File Cannot Be Loaded in Firewall Builder
15.3.3. "I/O Error" While Compiling policy. No Other Error.
15.3.4. ios_base::failbit set on Windows
15.3.5. "Cannot create virtual address NN.NN.NN.NN"
15.4. Troubleshooting installing policy on the firewall
15.4.1. Plink.exe fails while trying to activate the firewall policy with an error 'Looking up host "" Connecting to port 22'
15.5. Running the Firewall Script
15.5.1. Determining which rule caused an error
15.5.2. "ip: command not found"
15.5.3. I get the following error when I run generated script for iptables firewall: "iptables v1.2.8: can't initialize iptables table 'drop': Table does not exits (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded."
15.5.4. "Interface eth0 does not exist"
15.5.5. "Interface eth0:1 does not exist"
15.5.6. Script fails to load module nf_conntrack
15.6. RCS Troubleshooting
15.6.1. Error adding file to RCS
15.6.2. "Error checking file out: co: RCS file c:/fwbuilder/RCS/file.fwb is in use"
15.6.3. "Error checking file out:"
15.7. Issues after new policy activation
15.7.1. Cannot access only some web sites
15.7.2. Firewall becomes very slow with new policy
15.7.3. X won't start on a server protected by the firewall
15.7.4. Cannot access Internet from behind firewall
15.7.5. Installing updated firewall policy seems to make no difference
15.8. Routing Rules Issues
15.8.1. Compile fails with dynamic or point-to-point interfaces

This chapter provides tips for troubleshooting problems with the program.

15.1. Build Issues

15.1.1. Complains "libfwbuilder not installed"

When compiling from source, complains "libfwbuilder not installed"

As of version 0.9.6 the code has been split into three major parts: API, GUI and policy compilers. You need to download, compile and install API for the rest to compile. The API comes in a separate source archive called libfwbuilder-0.10.0.tar.gz. Compile and install it as usual, using "./; make; make install" procedure.

15.1.2. "Failed dependencies: ..." when installing RPM

Trying to install Firewall Builder RPM but I get a bunch of errors "Failed dependencies: ...". What do I need to do ?

You need to install prerequisite libraries. See the list of RPMs in the appendix.


Do not use options "--force" or "--nodeps" when you install fwbuilder RPMs. If rpm complains about unsatisfied dependencies, this means your system is missing some libraries, or the wrong versions are installed. Forcing the package install won't fix that; most likely it will fail in one way or another.


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