12.5. IPCOP

Firewall Builder v4.0 comes with experimental integration with IPCOP firewalls. To turn this support on, choose "iptables" as the platform and "IPCOP firewall appliance" as the host OS. The generated script is supposed to be installed on the firewall as /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall.local and restarted by issuing the /etc/rc.d/rc.firewall restart command. Firewall Builder's built-in policy installer installs it using this name and runs the restart command to activate it. To avoid conflicts with IPCOP itself, Firewall Builder does not manage the interfaces of the IPCOP firewall. Instead, use Firewall Builder only to generate the iptables rules. Firewall Builder comes with some template objects for IPCOP firewalls; you can use these objects when you create a new firewall object if you choose to create it from a template.

The iptables script for IPCOP is built using configlets in the /usr/share/fwbuilder-4.0.0/configlets/ipcop directory. Commands used by the built-in policy installer come from configlets in the same directory.


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