12.4. Sveasoft

Another firmware for the firewall apliances such as Linksys, DLink, and others supported by Firewall Builder is Sveasoft.

The difference here is both in the generated script format and in commands that built-in policy installer executes on the firewall. The reason for these differences is that Sveasoft stores firewall configuration in NVRAM, which has limited capacity.

Script generated for the Sveasoft firmware is more compact and is missing certain sections. For example, since the kernel has all modules compiled in, the script is not trying to load modules. The script also activates the policy when called without command line parameters. Script structure is defined in the configlet /usr/share/fwbuilder-4.0.0/configlets/sveasoft/script_skeleton. You can modify it following instructions in Chapter 13.

Activation process on Sveasfot is more complex because installer can compress firewall script before storing it in NVRAM. Installation commands are in the configlet /usr/share/fwbuilder-4.0.0/configlets/sveasoft/installer_commands_root.


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