5.5. Object Keywords

Keywords can be added to all object types and help you quickly find and organize the objects in your object tree. To set the keywords for an individual object open the object for editing and then click on the Keywords button in the lower right corner of the Editor panel.

For an example of how you could use Keywords, let's assume that you have two datacenters, one in New York (NY) and one in London (LON). For objects that represent items in the datacenter you could add a keyword, called "datacenter", to each of the objects. You could also add another keyword, for example "trusted" or "DMZ", to identify the security zone of the object.

Figure 5.131 shows the editor panel for an object called NY Datacenter-Net-1.

Figure 5.131. Datacenter Network Object

Datacenter Network Object

Click the Keywords button to set the keywords for the active object. This will bring up the dialog window shown in Figure 5.132.

Figure 5.132. Keywords Dialog

Keywords Dialog

As you can see no Keywords have been configured yet, so there are no existing keywords that can be assigned to the object. To create a new keyword type the name of the keyword in the text box labeled "New Keyword:".

In this example we want to add the "datacenter" and "trusted" keywords to the network object. Figure 5.133 shows the dialog after the keywords have been entered. Click OK to apply the keywords to the object.

Figure 5.133. Keywords Dialog After Creating Some Keywords

Keywords Dialog After Creating Some Keywords


After you apply keywords to an object the keywords will be displayed in the Editor panel next to the Keywords button.

What if you have a lot of objects that need to have the same keywords applied? To apply a keyword to muliple objects at the same time select the objects in the tree, remember to use the CTRL or Shift keys to select more than one object, right-click on the selected objects and select Keywords, then Add and then select the keyword you want to apply. Figure 5.134 shows applying the "datacenter" keyword to multiple Network objects.

Figure 5.134. Applying Keywords to Multiple Objects at Once

Applying Keywords to Multiple Objects at Once

You can also remove keywords from multiple objects by selecting multiple objects, right-clicking and selecting Keywords -> Remove and then selecting the keyword that you want to remove.

After you have configured keywords for your objects you can type the keyword into the filter box at the top of the object tree and only the objects that match that keyword, or have an object name that matches the keyword, will be displayed.

Figure 5.135 shows the filtered view after the "datacenter" keyword has been typed into the filter box.

Figure 5.135. Filtering Based on Keyword - datacenter

Filtering Based on Keyword - datacenter

Another example is shown in Figure 5.136 where all the objects are being filtered for the "trusted" keyword. Only objects that have had the "trusted" keyword applied will be displayed. In this example only one of the two networks at each datacenter is considered trusted.

Figure 5.136. Filtering Based on Keyword - trusted

Filtering Based on Keyword - trusted


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