4.2.4. Object Menu

The Object menu lets you create a new object, find occurrences of an object (including doing replaces), lock an object to prevent accidental changes, and unlock an object when you need to edit it.

Table 4.4. Object Menu

Object Menu entry Explanation
New Object Opens a menu of all possible object types. Select one to create a new object of that type. Section 4.3.4 describes how to create objects.
Find Object Opens the Find object dialog, which also provides search and replace functions. Section 5.7 explains how to use this dialog.
Lock Makes the selected object read-only, which prevents accidental modification. An object that is locked has a little padlock for its icon. In this example, the eth0 interface of test server is locked. Locking the eth0 interface object also renders read-only the address objects associated with the interface. (Note that the test server object, located "above" eth0 in the hierarchy, is still editable.)

Figure 4.9. Locked Object

Locked Object

Unlock Unlocks the selected object. The object becomes editable, and the objects associated with it become editable as well, unless they have their own locks.

Figure 4.10. Unlocked Object

Unlocked Object


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